About Grant Junior High School

In 2010, the construction of the current Grant Jr. High School facility located adjacent to the Grant High School campus was completed.  This new structure replaced the historic campus of Dry Prong Junior High School located in the heart of Dry Prong just a few miles away.

Grant Jr. High School houses approximately 380 seventh and eighth grade students.  The teachers, administrators, paraprofessionals, office, janitorial, and cafeteria staff helps ensure that daily life at GJH runs smoothly.

GJH practices the middle school “teaming” concept where a common group of students (80-90) have the same set of core teachers. The teachers meet weekly to discuss students, meet with parents, as well as participate in professional meetings to learn new educational practices.

Grant Jr. High School not only offers a quality education, but also provides a wide variety of sports, clubs, and extracurricular activities.  Sports offered at GJH include: football, girls’ and boys’ basketball, softball, baseball, and cheerleading. Clubs and organizations available at GJH include: Beta, FCA, and 4-H.  In addition to sports and clubs GJH also offers Band and Choir.

Through professional development opportunities, continuing education, and sharing of best practices, our teachers have used a variety of teaching strategies to engage learning in the classroom. Grant Jr. High School’s motto is “Work Hard! Accept the Challenge! Learn for Life!”.  The faculty and staff have incorporated this belief into every aspect of the everyday learning process to help students prepare for their future and become successful in life.